Faculty Orientation to Quest for Student Success

In this @ONE webinar, Anita Crawley, of the CA Online Education Initiative, and Katie Winter, from SmarterServices, examines data from the July 2017 Quest Program Review survey conducted by the RP group. The data indicates that online faculty members are playing a key role in connecting students to the Quest program. Those connections are made prior to the beginning of the term through email and during the early days of the term through a link in their academic courses. Quest materials are being used during the first week of the term as part of an orientation to online learning and throughout the term on an as needed basis. During this first session we will review the Quest resources with an emphasis on how SmarterMeasure results can be used to improve online success and provide Quest assignments that faculty have used.



Posted in Rubric Section A, webinar.

Michelle (@brocansky) is Faculty Mentor, Digital Innovation for @ONE and the OEI and author of Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies. Michelle's work ensures CCC faculty and staff have opportunities to engage and develop through networked learning and the use of emerging technologies. Learn more about Michelle at brocansky.com.

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