Using Rubrics for Assessments

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A well-constructed assessment is designed to provide learners the opportunity to reach an outcome that is measurable and specific. Assessments will include a descriptive grading criteria that is communicated to learners. A rubric is an indispensable tool used to describe grading criteria and accurately measure learners’ progress towards accomplishment of a specific outcome. Canvas provides a robust, flexible rubric creation tool that can be linked to any assignment created in Canvas.

In the brief video below, Mike Smedshammer takes you on a brief tour of his online class to show you what a rubric looks like in Canvas and explain why he integrates them his assessments.

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Michael Smedshammer is the faculty instructional design coordinator at Modesto Junior College. He is a lead course reviewer for California’s Online Education Initiative and a Blackboard Catalyst Exemplary Course Award winner.

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