Using Video to Communicate Instructions Clearly

Video is powerful communication tool for online teaching. Instructors often naturally gravitate towards using video to deliver presentations to their online students, but video can be an effective way to clearly communicate instructions, as well. In the 3-minute video below, Xochitl Tirado, from Imperial College, shows how she uses a screencast (a video recording of her computer’s screen) to deliver the instructions for the discussion to her students. The video doesn’t replace her written instructions, however. Instead, it augments them and provides students with the choice to read or listen. Xochitl explains how she uses the same instructions in each discussion. Designing a course with consistency like this is an effective way to ensure students gain confidence in their abilities and can focus more exclusively on their contributions, as opposed to how to engage in the discussion.

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Xochitl is the Distance Education Coordinator at Imperial Valley College.

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