What We Learned from CCC Digital Learning Day

On February 22, 2018, @ONE  coordinated a free, one-day untethered conference that was part of the national Digital Learning Day celebration. Our event, CCC Digital Learning Day #CCCDLDay, was planned in collaboration with a group of CCC faculty and staff. @ONE opened a call for proposals, arranged a full day of speakers, and invited colleges throughout the state to coordinate on-campus events that would enhance our day-long online program. @ONE has always offered online professional development and we know that is important to reach you, especially those who teach part-time. Our model for untethered professional development fosters a connection between the online program and what's happening on campus, while ensuring all who want to learn and grow can do so without needing to spend a dollar on travel. 

When we started planning CCC Digital Learning Day, we did not know what would happen and we did not know what we would learn.

What happened?

We collected attendance data and sent an evaluation survey to all attendees from which we received 119 responses (22% response rate). We invite you to view the data by downloading a PDF of the slides.

Here are some highlights:

  • Thirty one CCCs (27%) signed up to host an on-campus viewing room or other event. 
  • 85 CCCs were represented (3 in 4) by the online and on-campus participants.
  • 1,643 session attendances (online and on-campus duplicated headcount)
  • 531 attendees (online and on-campus unduplicated headcount)
  • Hundreds of tweets were sent using the hashtag #CCCLearn (a couple of which are embedded to the right)

What did we learn?

Your @ONE team carefully reviewed the attendance and evaluation data. Here is a summary of what we learned.

  • You want more untethered PD events. Ninety-eight percent of those who responded to the post-event survey said they would likely attend another @ONE untethered conference (74.8% would definitely attend and 23.5% might attend).
  • Untethered PD is important to our system. You let us know that untethered professional development plays a key role in your professional growth too. Seventh-nine percent of evaluation responses indicated that it increases access to PD and 9.2% sais without it you would not have access to PD at all).
  • We have to foster more relationships with campuses. The level of engagement from the 85 CCCs represented through the attendances varied. One college, City College of San Francisco, led the way with 68 attendees. We had 16 colleges that had 10 or more attendees (led by San Diego Mesa College, Glendale Community College, Fresno City College, and Long Beach City College), 17 colleges with 2-9 attendees, and 16 colleges with one attendee. We have solid ground in place to build upon at most colleges and work to do at other colleges. 
  • On-campus communications are key to campus-wide PD engagement. Nearly half (47%) of those who responded to the evaluation learned about CCC Digital Learning Day from a campus announcement and, 19% learned about it from the @ONE newsletter (sign up for our newsletter here!), and about 12% learned about it from a colleague. Understanding the impact of campus announcements underscores our need to foster relationships with on campus PD contacts to ensure everyone who wants to learn and grow knows about our offerings.
  • Earning flex credit is key. Roughly half (47%) of survey respondents shared that they earned flex credit for the sessions they attended on CCC Digital Learning Day. This is an area with which we need your help, as we know that campuses that provided flex credit for CCCDLDay participation had higher attendance rates. 

What's Ahead?

@ONE will continue to offer untethered events. Here's what we have in the works rightnow!

  • New Untethered Events & Programs!
    • First Fridays: Each month during the academic year, starting in May 2018, we will coordinate a mini, 2-hour online program featuring speakers from across the system. These events will wrap up by early afternoon. We will be listening to your feedback and pivoting based upon what we learn.
    • Can-Innovate: As the use of Canvas as a common course management gained traction across our system, this annual, one-day conference has been tremendously popular to those who have been able to attend in person in the past.  This year, on Friday, August 24, 2018, we'll be taking Can-Innovate online and offering it as an untethered conference. The call for proposals will open in April so starting thinking about what you're doing with Canvas (in your class or on campus) that you'd like to share with your peers across the state and beyond.
  • What you can do:
    • Get connected. If you don't already receive the @ONE newsletter sign up now to be sure you receive updates about First Fridays (starting in May) and Can-Innovate (Friday, August 24th).
    • Speak with your peers about coordinating on-campus activities that complement the 2-hour online program. These may be discussions/hands-on sessions held in the afternoon following the sessions, the next Friday, or throughout the month. Consider integrating the untethered format into your campus events too! Create an inclusive PD culture by inviting those into the discussion who cannot be on campus but still want to learn.
    • Increase your reach. Social media is a powerful way to connect with more people and share the hard work you are doing on campus. Find your peers who use Twitter for professional growth. Start a Twitter account for your campus PD efforts. Follow your connected peers, encourage more to get involved, and follow @ONE too!
    • Send us feedback. We are listening. If you haven't noticed, we have a feedback form built into our website to make it easy to send your ideas to the @ONE team. We read every single one! Or if you'd prefer to send an email directly to one or more of our team members, you will find our contact information here

Thank you for helping us make our first #CCCDLDay at success. 


A Few Tweets Sent on #CCCDLDay

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Michelle (@brocansky) is Faculty Mentor, Online Teaching & Learning for @ONE and CVC-OEI and author of Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies. Michelle began teaching in the CCC system in 1999, has been teaching online since 2003, and has been an online educational developer since 2009. She also teaches the History of Photography online for Mt. San Jacinto College. Learn more about Michelle at brocansky.com or connect with her on Twitter @brocansky.

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