Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles

Successful online courses are both designed and taught well. Developed around the @ONE Principles for Quality Online Teaching, the Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles focuses on instructional strategies and practices that will help you develop robust and supportive learning communities in your online courses.

Participants in the Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles can choose from a variety of 4-week, 2-week, and 1-week courses that highlight effective practices for developing and supporting a learning community, incorporating culturally responsive teaching practices, engaging in dynamic course design, modeling digital citizenship, and creating digital content that meets the diverse needs of our student population.

Digital Badges are awarded for completing each course or workshop, with a culminating Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles awarded after completion of the capstone course, Online Teaching Principles.

Guided by the @ONE Principles for Quality Online Teaching, the courses within this certificate focus on developing effective online teachers who:

  • are present within their course
  • apply equitable methods to promote student access and success while acknowledging institutional obstacles
  • respond to student needs and use data for continuous course improvement
  • teach and model ethical online interaction, while helping students develop digital literacy that will poise them for success
  • recognize ongoing professional development is a central component of their success

Earning a certificate has two parts: coursework and practical application.


Course registration is open to the general public

Required (complete the following courses in any sequence):

Recommended if you are new to online teaching:

The Online Teaching Principles Capstone

To enroll in the capstone course, you must be an employee of a California Community College.
In addition to coursework, participants seeking an Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles will complete a capstone project, which involves creating a public website, using the tool of your choice, that demonstrates your growth and development in each of the 5 @ONE Principles for Quality Online Teaching.
  • Capstone Project Examples
  • Once you complete the four Principles courses, you are eligible to register for the Capstone. We expect capstone candidates to complete the project within 60 days of registering.
  • Once you are in the Capstone course, you will request to be paired with a mentor
  • Your mentor will support you through the completion of your Capstone project.
  • Once you complete your capstone project, you will be awarded a digital badge for the @ONE Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles.
To request registration in the Principles Capstone, please Contact Us.