This video series, hosted by Helen Graves, @ONE's Canvas Course Design Specialist, is comprised of short desktop sessions that focus on the wonderfulness that is our common course management system—Canvas. Learn what’s new (or just new to you!) and how you can use it, along with other pedagogical and technological tips to support high quality online course design.

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Think You Know All There Is to Know About Due Dates?
Ever have students who seem to think “online” means self-paced? They want to zoom ahead and they’re asking you about
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How to increase student success the easy way
Personalized learning is recognized as crucial element of student-centered teaching. But with 30, 40, 50 students in your online class,
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Ready to Beautify Your Pages?
Pssst! Want a quick way to add some visual interest to your Canvas pages? Don’t let a little HTML code
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How to handle that pesky little dash in the gradebook
Ever been confused by all the options and symbols in the Canvas Gradebook? Well, you’re not alone! In this episode,
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No Place Like Home Byte-sized Canvas featured image
Your Home page is a special place in your course. It’s the virtual “first impression” you’re making with students (and
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I Did Not Know That Byte-sized Canvas featured image
Want to become a Canvas ninja like me <wink, wink>? Here are four fast and furious little Canvas tricks that
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The One Thing You've Been Missing to Keep Your Students Focused on Your Content
Many students are brand new to Canvas or, even if they’ve been using it awhile, just don’t know it very
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Before you add video to your course - Byte Sized Canvas
Providing content in multimedia formats (video, audio, images, infographics) is a powerful way to engage your students and appeal to
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Byte Sized Canvas a video series by Helen Graves
Hate getting messages from students about broken links in your course? With Canvas’ link validator tool, you can verify what’s
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Customizing Modules to Guide Student Learning, Byte-sized Canvas
Ever get the sense students are jumping straight into quizzes and assignments without first taking the time to read or
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