This video series, hosted by Helen Graves, @ONE's instructional designer, is comprised of short desktop sessions that focus on the wonderfulness that is our common course management system—Canvas. Learn what’s new (or just new to you!) and how you can use it, along with other pedagogical and technological tips to support high quality online course design.

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4 Ways to Make Sure Students Are Watching Your Videos
Was your college education largely spent sitting in lecture halls and classrooms listening to professors talk (…and talk…and talk)? Even
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Dear Instructor, You Will Love This Tool!
When broaching the argument that online courses aren’t as effective as in-person, people often bring up the absence of face
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Why Groups Assignments Are Worth Your Attention
The newly-released updates to Title 5 regulations for online learning include a specific requirement of regular effective contact among students.
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Byte-sized Canvas: It's Time to Rethink Feedback
Instructor presence is crucial to student success, perhaps especially in an online learning environment. Offering regular, meaningful feedback is an
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Two Canvas Blunders You Can Easily Avoid
Did you know there’s a “wrong” way to add content onto a Canvas page? This little mistake is often the
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What No One Tells You About Notifications
Canvas notifications is an automatic way to stay abreast of activity in your courses as well as contributing to regular
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Link. Link. Who's Got the Link?
Links are how your students navigate your course content. While it might seem like a picayune matter, knowing how to
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Making your tables accessible in 15 seconds or less
Tables can be a useful way to organize certain types of content visually. But tables add an extra layer of
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Think You Know All There Is to Know About Due Dates?
Ever have students who seem to think “online” means self-paced? They want to zoom ahead and they’re asking you about
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How to increase student success the easy way
Personalized learning is recognized as crucial element of student-centered teaching. But with 30, 40, 50 students in your online class,
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