When We Empower Students to Become Experts

Join Chelsea on a tour of this assignment in the 4-minute video above. How might you blend research, group work, video creation, and friends and family into an empowering and […]

When we talk about accessibility

When We Talk About Accessibility

When you hear about accessibility, what comes to mind? In community colleges, do we think of accessibility as a core individual value, a fundamental aspect of how we enact our […]

Byte Sized Canvas a video series by Helen Graves

Check Your Links!

Hate getting messages from students about broken links in your course? With Canvas’ link validator tool, you can verify what’s working and what’s not before you publish your course each […]

Video Captioning Conundrum

Video Captioning Conundrum

Captioning instructional videos can be a time-consuming process.  But it doesn’t have to be! Here are a couple of “What if…” scenarios with some solutions to help you create an […]

Chunking Content & Using Headers

Chunking Content & Using Headers

Accessibility can be an overwhelming topic for online instructors. Kim Pippa-Tonnesen, who teaches English at Columbia College, learned a few key accessibility strategies through her experience in the OEI Online […]