CCC Digital Learning Day, February 22, 2018, Call for Proposals


The Call for Proposals is now closed.

Digital tools are reshaping the college workplace by changing the way we communicate, connect, and manage our daily tasks. CCC Digital Learning Day is your opportunity to share how digital tools are changing how you teach, how your students learn, and how you manage it all!

The CCC Digital Learning Day call for proposals is now open! We are anxiously awaiting your proposal for a 10-minute, online lightning talk that showcases a practical application of a digital tool that aligns with one of our key themes. If your proposal is selected you will be notified on Thursday, February 8th. 

What is CCC Digital Learning Day?

CCC Digital Learning Day is a free, online conference that will be held on Thursday, February 22nd. The online event is coordinated by @ONE (Online Network of Educators), a professional development project funded by the CA Community College Chancellor’s Office. CCC Digital Learning Day will be one of dozens of other Digital Learning Day celebrations across the country! Visit the CCC Digital Learning Day webpage to learn more and see how your campus is getting involved.

Audience & Session Overview

  • All California Community College faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to submit proposals for CCC Digital Learning Day 2018.
  • All sessions will be presented in Zoom, so there's no travel required!
  • Sessions will require free advanced registration, which is open to anyone. 
  • All sessions will be recorded and archives will be publicly shared on the @ONE YouTube channel and shared with a CC-BY license to promote the sharing of ideas.
  • Individuals may register and view sessions from their own device or campus coordinators may invite faculty/staff to view sessions together from a room on campus. 


We are seeking proposals that align with the following topics:

  • Global Learning - using digital tools to enable connections beyond the classroom.
  • Creativity and Making - using digital tools to turn students or educators into content creators.
  • Learning Out Loud - using digital tools to foster oral discussions/presentations/storytelling.
  • New Worlds - uses of Virtual or Augmented Reality in class or on campus.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness  using digital tools to manage life, collaborative projects, and learning.

Presentation Format: 10-minute Lightning Talks

To maximize the sharing potential of our time together, we are seeking proposals for 10-minute lightning talks, which will provide you with a unique opportunity to reach into your bag of tricks and share a practical example of a digital innovation. Selected proposals may be clustered together around common themes.

All lightning talks will be presented in Zoom and will include a 5-minute Q&A session. During your 10-minute presentation, you are encouraged to use the screen share feature in Zoom to show us practical applications of your ideas. However, be careful to respect your students' privacy and be sure to get permission from students before sharing their work. If you screen share in your presentation, you may not show evaluative feedback or grades or a list of student names who have not given you permission to do so. These are private student records protected by FERPA and should not be shared. 

We know your lightning talks will spark new questions so we’ll be using Flipgrid and webpages with comments to create an online, asynchronous discussion space for each lightning talk.

Less talk, more sharing, and even more innovation! Are you in?

How to Submit Your Proposal

You will need the following things to submit your proposal:

  • photo, brief bio (50 words or less)
  • your availability on Thursday, 2/22 between 10am-5pm
  • topic (see above) with which your proposal best aligns
  • description of your proposal (200 words or less)
  • one learning outcome for your proposal
  • the tool(s) you will be referencing in your proposal

Select the button below to submit your proposal by February 1st!