Online Teaching & Design Capstone

To enroll in the capstone course, you must be an employee of a California Community College.

Course Tile: Online Teaching Principles Capstone


This capstone course will guide you along the path to earning your Certificate in Online Teaching & Design, and to building an online course that will engage students, support their learning and your teaching, and align to the OEI Course Design Rubric.

To earn the certificate, you can choose to take the flagship, 12-week course Online Education Standards & Practices, or customize your learning by taking a combination of 4-week courses aligned to the OEI Rubric.

After the completion of your required courses, you'll present your course and demonstrate the ways the course aligns with the OEI Course Design Rubric to support student success.


Fulfills: The capstone is the culminating course for the Certificate in Online Teaching & Design.
Duration: Participants have up to one year to complete the certificate, and may re-enroll for an additional year if needed (additional fees will apply)
Time Commitment: Approximately 40 hours
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate. Participants will apply the technical skills they have learned throughout their coursework to the design of an online course.


By the end of this program, you will be able to design an online or hybrid course in Canvas that is aligned to the OEI Course Design rubric. Elements include:

  • A well-developed syllabus tailored to online delivery;
  • A well-designed home page;
  • Clear course navigation;
  • Well-developed units that include clear objectives and multimedia content;
  • Clear instructions, tutorial materials, and additional resources to meet the needs of diverse students;
  • Opportunities for meaningful peer-to-peer interaction;
  • Planning and design for regular effective contact;
  • A variety of formative and summative assessments;
  • Accessible activities and instructional content.

Optional Continuing Education Credit

Participants in this course can seek optional professional development/continuing education credits by dual-enrolling in TEC 1822 at Fresno Pacific University. A separate fee due to FPU will apply.

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