In order to have a course included in the CCC OEI Course Exchange, faculty from Consortium colleges must demonstrate that their course is aligned to the OEI Course Design Rubric. Below is a current list of Exchange-ready courses and the faculty who designed them. Join the OEI Online Course Design Academy to get your course Exchange-ready!

Barstow College

Michelle Breshears, Introduction to Criminal Justice (AJ 110)

Butte College

Heidi Anderson, U.S. History to 1877 (HIST 140)

John Blachley, Introduction to Criminal Justice (AJ 110)

Steven Hall, Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 200)

Lisa Westwood, Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 120)

Cabrillo College

Don Carlisle, Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 201)

Don Carlisle, Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECON 202)

Phillip Carr, Introduction to Criminal Justice (AJ 110)

Heather Claussen, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 120)

Julian Kearns, Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 201)

Julian Kearns, Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECON 202)

Julian Kearns, Elementary Statistics (MATH 110)

Jennifer McGuire, College Composition (ENGL 100)

Wendy Norris, Introduction to Digital Media (ARTS 250)

Liz Roberts, Understanding Society, (SOCI 110)

Coastline College

Connie Boehler, Introduction to Kinesiology (KIN 100)

K.D. "Doug" Borcoman, Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 100)

Marilyn Brock, Critical Reasoning, Reading, and Writing (ENGL 105)

Scott Davis, Freshman Composition (ENGL 100)

Daniel Johnson, United States History to 1876 (HIST 130)

Erin Johnson, Research Methods (PSY 200)

Kelly Rupert, General Geology, (GEOL 100)

Carol Schachat, Introduction to Psychology (PSY 110)

Debra Secord, Physical Geology (GEOL 100)

Stacey Smith, Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 201)

Michelle Walsh, World Regional Geology (GEOG 125)

College of the Canyons

Anne Marenco, Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 110)

Columbia College

Kim Pippa Tonnesen, Survey of English Literature (ENGL 160)

Kim Pippa Tonnesen, Survey of English Literature (ENGL 165)

Kim Pippa Tonnesen, American Literature (ENGL 130)

Kim Pippa Tonnesen, American Literature (ENGL 135)

Kim Pippa Tonnesen, Introduction to World Literature: 1500 to Present (ENGL 145)

Kim Pippa Tonnesen, Advanced Composition and Introduction to Literature (ENGL 120)

Kim Pippa Tonnesen, Reading and Composition (ENGL 100)

Shannon Van Zant, United States: To 1877 (HIST 130)

Shannon Van Zant, United States: 1877 to Present (HIST 140)

Foothill College

Mark Bauermeister, Research Methods and Design (SOCI 120)

Patricia Gibbs-Stayte, Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 110)

Fresno City College

Sasha Anderson, Elementary Stastistics (MATH 110)

Jacquelyn Fargano, General Psychology (PSY 110)

Mary Beth Miller, Child Development (CDEV 100)

Janice Moreno, Reading and Composition (ENGL 100)

Larry Schwendiman, Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 201)

John Teeple, Cultural Geography (GEOG 120)

Linda Vang, Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 110)

Hartnell College

Lindsey Bertomen, Introduction to Administration of Justice (AJ 110)

Tina Esparza-Luna, Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 201)

Tina Esparza-Luna, Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 201)

Imperial Valley College

Xochitl Tirado, Reading and Composition (ENGL 100)

Lake Tahoe Community College

Anthony Eckhardt, Principles of Economics (Micro) (ECON 201)

Larry Green, Introduction to Statistics (MATH 110)

Beth Marinelli-Laster, Child and Adolescent Psychology (CDEV 100)

Frances Pistoresi, Reading and Composition (ENGL 100)

Christina Tomolillo, General Psychology (PSY 110)

MiraCosta College

Rick Cassoni, Fundamentals of Computer Information Systems (ITIS 120)

Monterey Peninsula College

Steven Albert, Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 201)

Adrianne Kotecki, General Psychology, (PSY 110)

Scott Moller, Introduction to Administration of Justice (AJ 100)

Pamela Van Zwaluwenburg, Introduction to American Government (POLS 110)

Mt. San Antonio College

Michael Dowdle, Introduction to Psychology (PSY 110)

Paul Jefferson, Introduction to Administration of Justice (AJ 110)

Elizabeth Lobb, Elements of Physical Geography (GEOG 110)

Elizabeth Lobb, Human Geography/Geography (GEOG 120)

Tamara Smith, United States History to 1877 (HIST 130)

Suzanne Uhl, Intercultural Communication (COMM 150)

Ohlone College

Kyle Livie, History of the United States (HIST 130)

Jacqlyn Vetter, Reading and Written Composition (ENGL 100)

Pierce College

Jill Cohen, General Psychology I (PSY 110)

Miguel Endara, Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 100)

Rio Hondo College

Andy Howard, Government of the United States (POLS 110)

Lily Isaac, College Composition and Research (ENG 100)

Samuel Isaac, College Composition and Research (ENG 100)

Jill Pfeiffer, Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 120)

Michelle Pilati, Introductory Psychology (PSY 110)

Ted Preston, Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 100)

Saddleback College

Suzan Gridley, Principles of Composition I (ENGL 100)

Jennifer Pakula, Principles (Micro) (ECON 201)

Jonathan Wadley, American Government (POLS 110)

Shasta College

Heidi Anderson, United States History (HIST 130)

Brian Connolly, Introduction to Administration of Justice (AJ 110)

Leroy Perkins, Critical Reasoning, Reading, and Writing (ENGL 105)

Beverly Smith, Introduction to Psychology (PSY 110)

Ventura College

Allison Jones, Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 110)

Eric Martinsen, English Composition (ENGL 100)

Victor Valley College

Marc Skuster, Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 100)

West Los Angeles

Kaycea Campbell, Principles of Economics I (ECON 201)