Microsoft Word Accessibility - Self-Paced


This self-paced micro-course will introduce you to the crucial elements needed to create an accessible Microsoft Word document, explain the basics of Microsoft Word’s accessibility tools, determine if a Microsoft Word document is accessible, and remediate accordingly. In addition, you will learn how to successfully retain all of your accessibility work if you need to export your Microsoft Word document to a PDF version. You will also have an opportunity to apply all that you have learned in a hands-on activity where you can remediate a Microsoft Word document.


Fulfills: This is a self-paced micro-course that is not part of our certificate programs. If you are taking this course to fulfill a requirement on your campus, please check with your campus to ensure they will honor a self-paced course.
Duration: self-paced
Time Commitment: based on your input
Level of Difficulty: Beginning
Format: Self-paced course


By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Determine a document’s level of accessibility
  • Use Microsoft Word’s built-in accessibility tools
  • Apply accessibility principles to create an accessible Microsoft Word document
  • Remediate an inaccessible document
  • Retain accessibility when exporting Microsoft Word document to a PDF version