Online Teaching Principles Capstone

To enroll in this Capstone, you must be an employee of a California Community College.


The Capstone is an open-ended course that guides you through the Online Teaching Principles certificate program. We suggest you enroll in the capstone when you begin taking courses in the Online Teaching Principles pathway, but you may choose to enroll in the capstone at any point.

To receive an Online Teaching Principles certificate, you will need to successfully complete:

  • Humanizing Online Learning
  • Equity & Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Online Environment
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Responsive Course Design
  • Online Teaching Principles Capstone Course


Fulfills: This course is part of the Online Teaching Principles Certificate, and fulfills the capstone requirement for the certificate.
Duration: open-ended
Time Commitment: approximately 40 hours
Level of Difficulty: Advanced


By the end of this course, participants will:

  • demonstrate they have successfully completed the required courses
  • produce a website or eportfolio that demonstrates their understanding and application of the @ONE Online Teaching Principles

Optional Continuing Education Credit

Participants in this course can seek optional professional development/continuing education credits by dual-enrolling in TEC 1851 at Fresno Pacific University. A separate fee due to FPU will apply.