How can I participate in the Course Design Academy?

Participating in the Course Design Academy is as easy as 1-2-3 (4-5)! For more detailed information, access to additional resources, and a chance to connect with other faculty in the peer review process, join our Course Design Academy Online Community.

Step 1: Determine if you are eligible.

  • Are you teaching a course in Canvas that is fully online (with the possible exception of on-site proctored exams)?
  • Does that course have C-ID designation (with any prerequisites aligned to the CI-D)?
  • Is it part of an ADT, GE Transfer Pattern, or CTE Pathway?
  • If it is a Mathematics, English, or ESL course, is it transfer-level?
  • Do you teach this course for one of the OEI Consortium Colleges?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you are eligible!

Step 2: Connect with your SPOC and your Dean.

Each college in the consortium has an OEI SPOC (Single Point of Contact). This person can answer questions and point you to any resources at your college that can help with course review and alignment.

Scheduling of courses in the Online Course Exchange rests with the colleges, so you will also need to contact your Dean or department chair to discuss getting your course reviewed and possible future scheduling of your course in the Online Course Exchange.

Step 3: Attend an online OEI Faculty Information Meeting.

These online meetings are held twice a month on varying days/times to accommodate busy faculty schedules. In the 45 minute meeting we show how participating in Course Design Academy can benefit you and your students, the steps of the review process, and additional professional development you can access as a participant.

Register now for an upcoming  information meeting.

Step 4: Prepare your course.

Begin by printing and checking off the steps in our Review Ready Checklist. By following these steps, you ensure that your review team will have access to all of the relevant content in your course so they can do a thorough and helpful review.

Once you have completed the steps in the review ready checklist, you are ready to Submit your course.

Step 5: Submit your course

Fill out your online Course Submission Form.


Register for an upcoming online information meeting. You can also join our Course Design Academy Online Community and post to our Q&A, or contact Stacey Carrasco at