This video series, hosted by Helen Graves, @ONE's instructional designer, is comprised of short desktop sessions that focus on the wonderfulness that is our common course management system—Canvas. Learn what’s new (or just new to you!) and how you can use it, along with other pedagogical and technological tips to support high quality online course design.

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What's All This Humanizing Stuff Everyone's Talking About?
While online classes provide students with more flexibility and new ways to collaborate, success in the online environment is directly
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Want More Content Ideas? Try This!
Pssst! Want a simple way to find, import and share resources in Canvas? We gotcha covered. The Canvas Commons is
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Why We Love the Pope Tech Tool
Accessibility checker tools for our CA Community College system: PopeTech available free to all CA community colleges UDOIT - open
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3 Foolproof Tips for Using Images in Canvas
Images are a delightful way to increase engagement and reinforce written content in an online course. But if not used
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The Most Effective Way to Eliminate Barriers to Students' Learning
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for thinking about teaching and learning that offers flexibility in the ways
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3 Things to Love About the New Rich Content Editor
Canvas’ new Rich Content Editor is here! Well, actually it’s been here for several months already and it will soon
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Ever heard of cognitive overload? Well, it’s real and it’s interfering with your students’ ability to absorb all your fabulous
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Byte-sized Canvas: Pages vs PDFs
The HTML environment (meaning pages in a Canvas course) is the most user-friendly for both screen reader devices and mobile
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How to use the Canvas Syllabus the right way
Are you among the cadre of instructors who disables the Canvas Syllabus page in your course navigation? Let me show
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Byte Sized Canvas -I did NOT know that, redux
So much Canvas, so little time! Today’s Byte-sized episode spotlights four nifty little Canvas tricks you may not have been
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