A Principled Online Teaching Journey: Part 1

This article is part one of a two-part series. The next part will include a showcase of faculty capstone projects from the CVC/@ONE Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles.  I […]

POCR Course

POCR Course Description The CVC-OEI provides @ONE’s Peer Online Course Review (POCR) training to members of local POCR teams at California Community Colleges. This is an advanced course designed for […]

Online Teaching Principles Capstone

Online Teaching Principles Capstone To enroll in this Capstone, you must be an employee of a California Community College. Description The Capstone course guides you through the completion of your […]

Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning

Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning Description Are you looking for the secret sauce for building community and fostering meaningful student-student interactions? Well, you’ve found it. Research shows that online students […]

Equity & Culturally Responsive Online Teaching

Equity & Culturally Responsive Online Teaching Description This course will guide you through a critical journey of becoming an equity-minded educator with the goal of cultivating inclusive experiences that empower […]

Dynamic Online Teaching

Dynamic Online Teaching Description Teaching is a dynamic process, and great teachers use feedback and insights to monitor student learning and adjust teaching “in the moment.” In addition, great teachers […]

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Description We’ve come a long way from card catalogs and dog-eared essays. In this course, you’ll explore the many ways technology is reshaping the literacy tools our students […]


Modality Doesn’t Matter

When I signed up for the @ONE suite of courses for the Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles, I didn’t expect they would help me to improve my on-campus classes. […]


Learning from Students Who Use #EdTech

If students could ask their college instructors to do one thing, what would it be? What makes a good online class? This student panel archive has these answers and more!