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@ONE’s online courses are designed to support you to become an effective online instructor. Learn the basics of Canvas, the fundamentals of course design, and the principles of quality online teaching. You may take our courses a la carte or stack the digital badges you earn to complete one of our Certificates.

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(In addition to the courses on this page, browse the CCC Accessibility Center’s Trainings & Workshops web page for additional online training opportunities.)

Facilitated Online Courses

You must be an employee of a California Community College to enroll in these courses.

Getting Started with Online Teaching

Introduction to Asynchronous Online Teaching & Learning

Get on track to teach equitable asynchronous online courses.
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Engagement Strategies for Live Online Teaching and Learning

If you're new to live online teaching, this is the place to start! 
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Canvas Skills

Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

If you're new to Canvas, this is the place to start! Learn the "ya gotta know this!" tips.

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Advanced Canvas

This 4-week course builds on your experience with Canvas and helps you make more
sophisticated use of the Canvas environment to enhance student success.

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Online Teaching & Design


Build interaction into your course in the first 10 minutes, the first 10 hours and the first 10 days.

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Assessment in Digital Learning

This course explores ways to use creative assessment techniques to engage your students.

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Course Design Fundamentals Capstone

This course will guide you through completion of your certificate and connect you to peers.

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Creating Accessible Course Content

This course teaches you to build accessibility into your course from day one.

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Introduction to Course Design

You'll walk away from this course with proven tools and strategies  with student success in mind.

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Online Teaching and Design

Ready to build an online course?! Let the Online Course Design Rubric make it easy...

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Online Teaching Principles

Equitable Grading Strategies

What do grades really measure and how do they perpetuate systemic racism in higher education? How can we more accurately and more equitably indicate learning progress?

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Equity & Culturally Responsive Online Teaching

Knock down the barriers our students face with conscious pedagogical decisions.

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Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning

Learn why YOU matter to your students, and infuse your course with social presence.

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Counseling Courses

Online College Counseling

Learn about approaches to Individual and Group Online Counseling, Online Student Success and Retention, Counseling Students with Disabilities Online, Implementation and Evaluation of Online Counseling Services.

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Online Mental Health Counseling for Non-Clinicians

A 2-week course for Non-Mental Health Counselors who have an interest in learning more about the legal and ethical guidelines of online mental health counseling.

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Online Mental Health Counseling for Clinicians

A 2-week course for Mental Health Clinicians working in the California Community College System. The course will provide clinicians the opportunity to explore how current face-to-face Mental Health services can also be provided through online platforms.

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Self-Paced Online Courses

Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

This self-paced course will introduce you to the basic need-to-know tools and features of Canvas so you're ready to rock!

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5-Day Challenge

Are you new to Canvas and in need of a starting point to begin building an online course? This 5-Day Challenge is an excellent option that will guide you through a "hands-on" process of building a framework in Canvas, and take your first steps toward course design mastery!

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5-Day Challenge

Why talk about accessibility you ask? It’s not just the law, it is an essential part of universal design (inclusive teaching) which supports removing barriers for all students during the learning process. Learn how to design accessible course content starting with the first page you create in Canvas! 

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Video Captioning Accessibility

Videos can capture your students’ attention and increase engagement in your course. Reach all of your students! Learn to caption a video you created or one owned by someone else.

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Introduction to Designing for Accessibility

Are you unwittingly creating roadblocks to learning for some of your students? The National Center for Educational Statistics shares the perhaps startling statistic that 1 in 10 undergraduates reports having a disability. Learn simple ways to create accessible content in Canvas.

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Creating a Liquid Syllabus

A Liquid Syllabus, an element of Humanized Online Teaching, sends cues of trust and social inclusion to students before a course starts, which is key to achieving equity in online education. This course will guide you through the steps to create your own Liquid Syllabus using Google Sites.

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ABCs of Online Course Design

Whether you're just getting started teaching online or you're an "old hand" wanting to assess the strengths of your course, the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric is a simple (yet marvelously effective) tool for taking your course from good to great!

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Online Mental Health Counseling (Clinicians)

The Distance Mental Health for Clinicians course addresses areas of consideration associated with the development of a legally and ethically based program for distance mental health services.

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Creating a Welcome Video

Brief, imperfect videos are a key element of Humanized Online Teaching, which supports the affective dimensions of learning and is key to achieving equity in online education. This course will walk you through recording, hosting, captioning, and sharing your video with your students.

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