9am - 5pm


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Exploring Digital Literacies Across the Curriculum

As digital tools continue to open new opportunities for student engagement and interactions, the nature of literacy is evolving. In the digital era, literacy is no longer contained to reading and writing and can no longer be fostered exclusively through the ability to search for and find credible information. In this era of knowledge abundance, new digital literacies are required. These include, but are not limited to, analyzing and vetting the credibility of a constant barrage of digital information, deciphering complex visual content, using digital technologies, creating and adapting digital content within copyright permissions, and mindfully cultivating one’s own digital presence. As educators, we must simultaneously foster our own digital literacies and strive to design learning experiences that cultivate our student’s literacies, as well.

Join us on Thursday, February 28th for a day of exploration and learning. The CCC Digital Learning Day program is designed to spark your imagination, improve your digital literacy, and identify effective pedagogical applications of emerging digital tools. 

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  4. Check back often! We’ll be posting the agenda in December and session registration will be open in mid-January.