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Participating in the Course Design Academy is as easy as 1-2-3 (4-5-6)!

CVC-OEI Course Design Academy: For Faculty. Infographic flow of steps listed below.

 Step 1: Get informed

Connect with your campus POCR Lead to discuss your interest in Course Design Academy
and attend an online Faculty Information Meeting.

Each college in the consortium has a Campus POCR Lead. This person can answer questions about the eligibility of your course and provide resources to help you with course review and alignment.
Eligibility requirements include:

    • You have taught the course online, in Canvas, for at least one full term at a CVC-OEI Consortium College.
    • You have taught it as a fully online class - with the possible exception of in-person proctored exams.
    • The course is part of an ADT (Associates Degree for Transfer), General Education Transfer Pattern (CSU or IGETC), or CTE (Career Technical Education) program. If you are not sure your course meets this criterion, please consult your CVC-OEI Project Leader, campus articulation officer, or local curriculum committee.

Faculty Information Meetings are held twice a month on varying days/times to accommodate busy faculty schedules. In the 45 minute meeting, we show how participating in Course Design Academy can benefit you and your students, the steps of the review process, and additional professional development you can access as a participant.  Register now for an upcoming information meeting.

Step 2: Get Prepared.

Align as much of your course as you can using the Course Review Prep form.
Send the completed form to your Campus POCR Lead.

  1. The Course Review Prep form is an abbreviated version of the OEI Course Design Rubric aimed at helping you prepare for a smooth and successful review. The form introduces you to the design elements in the rubric, and each element is linked to a page with explanations and examples. Use the form to check for each element in your course and make adjustments as needed before your course is submitted to Course Design Academy.
  2. Follow the Review Ready Checklist to make sure OEI reviewers have access to everything they need to review your course. You may need to work with your POCR Lead or Canvas Admin on this step, depending on how your college has set permissions in Canvas

NOTE: Download the forms to your computer and open them in Adobe Acrobat to access the fillable feature.

Step 3: Get Submitted.

Have your Campus POCR Lead submit your course.

Your POCR Lead will have the Course Review Request form needed to submit your course to us. We're looking forward to receiving your course submission!

Step 4: Get Reviewed.

Get ready for valuable feedback on the design and accessibility of your course.

Once the first three steps above are complete, we will assign a review team to your course - one peer reviewer, one lead reviewer, and an instructional designer. The complete review takes about three weeks, at which time you’ll get to meet with your lead reviewer and instructional designer to get results and helpful tips.

Step 5. Get Aligned.

Unleash your creativity as you implement the reviewers' feedback.

After your Results Call, you work with the support of your instructional designer to finish aligning your course to the rubric. Plan on putting in at least 3-4 hours per week - with your instructional designer or working on your own - to align your course in no more than 10 weeks.

Step 6. Get Badged!

Celebrate your success.

Your aligned course will receive a Quality Reviewed Badge that will allow it to rise to the top of the student search on the CVC Exchange!