Pocket PD Guides

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We know how important it is for you to have just-in-time access to professional development. Each guide is packed with resources for you to dive deep into a topic, acquire new skills, and improve your online course -- any time from anywhere.

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Learn why student-student interactions are key to high-quality online learning and get ideas for activities from your CCC faculty peers.

Learn to use Adobe Spark Video to create brief instructional videos set to music. This guide includes examples shared by faculty and a webinar archive featuring feedback from a student.

Including representations of people in your course materials who look like your students promotes a sense of belonging. Use this guide to find images that feature people from diverse groups.

Google Maps is a tool that can make your content come to life! Learn how to use it to make real-world connections and design and equitable online ice breaker.

Twitter can be used to foster digital literacy among your students and as a formative assessment. This guide showcases effective practices and provides important tips about accessibility.