Authorship in the Age of OER

I am a counselor at Grossmont College in San Diego. As part of my role, I teach a course in Study Skills and Time Management.  In an effort to support […]


What Did We Learn From Can•Innovate?

Through the leadership of California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI), all 114 California Community Colleges have adopted Canvas as their learning management system. Our systemwide move to Canvas enables our […]


Finding Your Regional Distance Education Community

What if you could meet regularly with peers from neighboring community colleges to share solutions and ideas about online education?  For faculty and staff at California community colleges located in […]


Why I Went Open & Why I’ll Never Go Back

 View Don’s 12-minute video above to learn more about how he uses OpenStax. Reflections on My Student Days I remember being a student. I am a first-generation student that […]

How to increase student success the easy way

How to Increase Student Success the Easy Way

Personalized learning is recognized as crucial element of student-centered teaching. But with 30, 40, 50 students in your online class, how the heck are you supposed to accomplish it?! Here’s […]


A New Paradigm for Student “Readiness”

  For years, @ONE has advocated that effective online courses should include a student readiness assessment. I begrudgingly included one in my online courses because it is a practice endorsed […]