5-Day Challenge: Creating Accessible Canvas Content

Self-Paced 5-Day Challenge Creating accessible canvas content


n this short "Do it For Yourself" challenge, you will not only learn how to create accessible course content from the beginning of your design process, but you will also begin to see how important this is to your students' success! Each day you can plan to spend about 20-30 minutes on the activity. We'll also share some easy-to-use resources and teaching aids that can support you after you've completed this 5-day Challenge.

Each challenge is set up as a 20-minute daily activity to be completed across 5 days.

  • Day 1: Create Heading Styles & Lists
  • Day 2: Create  Descriptive Links & Table Headers
  • Day 3: Color Contrast & Meaning
  • Day 4: Create Alt Text for Images
  • Day 5: Captioning Your Videos Accurately

5-Day Challenges are designed for those new to Canvas who need to build a basic framework to build on.

PLEASE NOTE: Self-paced non-facilitated courses are not eligible to receive a badge from CVC-OEI or continuing education units from Fresno Pacific.  If you require a certificate of completion for this 5-Day Challenge, complete for the optional assessment for a course badge.


This is a 5-Day course is classified as self-paced because you choose your start date, and have the option of either following the 5-Day recommended schedule or modify as desired. This course and all @ONE self-paced courses are not part of our certificate programs. If you are taking this course to fulfill a requirement on your campus, please check with your campus to ensure they will honor a self-paced course, and register for the optional Challenge Review.
Duration: 5 days (self-paced)
Time Commitment: 20 minutes for each of 5 daily challenges
Level of Difficulty: Beginning
Format: Self-paced course

Optional Graduate-Level University Credit: Continuing Education credit is not available for self-paced courses.



By the end of this course, you will be able to understand Section D of the Online Education Initiative (OEI) Course Design Rubric and will have the necessary knowledge to apply the main usability/accessibility enhancements to your Canvas pages:

  • Heading Styles
  • Descriptive Links
  • Lists
  • Alt Text (for images)
  • Tables
  • Color
  • Accurate Video Captions

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