CVC-OEI Humanizing Challenge


Practicing Radical Love: Breaking Down Instructor-Student Hierarchies*

with Fabiola Torres

Fabiola will share examples of brief, imperfect, captioned videos that break down the instructor-student hierarchy and encourage students to lean in. We will also consider the important topic of managing your public digital identity when using instructional videos. You’ll see videos recorded with a smartphone using Clips (for Apple iOS devices only) and photomontages using Adobe Spark. Introverts and extroverts welcomed. This session will prepare you to create your own welcome video by the day’s end!

Archive of Practicing Radical Love

Self-Guided Activities

Record, host, and caption your 2-3 minute, imperfect welcome video. You can do it!

  • To complete this self-guided activity you will need:
    • A free Google account**
    • A smartphone (the option we recommend for beginners), a free Adobe Spark account, or the Clips mobile app (which is already installed on iPhones — sorry, Android users Clips is only supported by iOS). 

      ** You will use your Google account to sign in to YouTube and upload your video. As you will learn, YouTube is a video hosting site. There are many options when choosing a place to host your videos, but since our end goal is to embed your welcome video in a Liquid Syllabus (created with Google Sites), this activity will guide you through using YouTube.

Share your video with us!

When you share with your peers, you inspire others to remove their emotional armor. We are hopeful to see videos that reflect the diversity amongst our community.