Create Engaging Videos


Capture Students' Attn w/ Powerful Videos

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Video can be a powerful medium for creating engagement and connection with your students. It can also backfire with the opposite effect when done poorly. (Hint: Just presenting content won’t do the trick.) Come learn 5 dynamic—and actually quite simple—tips for creating effective educational videos.

Practicing Radical Love: Breaking down instructor-student hierarchies

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It takes radical love to break down instructor-student hierarchies. Fabiola Torres will share examples of brief, imperfect, captioned videos that help students sense there is a caring person on the other side of the screen and encourage them to lean in.

Making Creativity SPARKle in Teaching and Learning

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Adobe Spark Video is a free tool that enables the creation of videos that are like visual stories. In this session, Matt Mooney, a History professor at Santa Barbara City College, and Amber Greene, a student of Matt's, will discuss how Adobe Spark Video was used to cultivate creativity in Matt's teaching and Amber's learning. Get teaching tips and advice from Matt and learn from Amber about the impact of using creation as a form of assessment. Canvas Studio for Quick, Accessible Online Videos (idea for upcoming topic, possibly Rechelle Mojica


Intro to Live Online Teaching & Learning (ILOTL)

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Engaging live sessions in online classes don’t just happen. They’re intentionally designed! By the completion of this 2-week course, you will demonstrate your ability to schedule, conduct, archive, and share a live session.

Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning

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Conveying your human presence, empathy, and awareness in an online class requires intention and a toolkit of effective practices. In this class, you will be immersed in a supportive online learning community as you develop humanized practices for your online course that will lay an inclusive foundation for community building and collaboration.

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4 Ways to Make Sure Students Are Watching Your Videos

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Even if long lectures work in face-to-face situations—and research is showing otherwise—it’s not going to fly in the asynchronous world of online learning. Learn four tips for making your instructional videos engaging.

Before You Add Video to Your Course—Watch This!

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Providing content in multimedia formats (video, audio, images, infographics) is a powerful way to engage your students and appeal to multiple learning preferences. Combining your free 3CMedia account (courtesy of the Chancellor’s Office) with Canvas tools makes it super easy to add video and audio content into your courses.