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Keep Teaching with ConferZoom

Video archive of Keep Teaching with ConferZoom

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Slides for Keep Teaching with ConferZoom

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This presentation is designed for faculty who are brand new to Zoom and live online teaching.



Introduction to Live Online Teaching & Learning

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This fast-paced, 2-week asynchronous course will engage in active learning with your peers as you hone your Zoom skills and present your own effectively designed live mini lesson. Your instructional skills will improve and you will also be poised to teach more inclusive online courses.

Pocket PD


Creating Microlectures

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A simple Google Slidedeck that will walk you through the basics of creating a microlecture. This guide is super helpful for faculty who are teaching live online courses and are looking to make the move to asynchronous online courses (or integrate more asynchronous content).


Beyond Lectures: Synchronous Student-to-Student Interaction

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Maritez Apigo highlights a collection of engaging strategies to keep students active in live online classes.

Dialing Up the Quality & Inclusivity of Live Online Classes

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Michelle Pacansky-Brock introduces CVC/@ONE’s 2-week course, Introduction to Live Online Teaching & Learning.

Guidance for Synchronous Online Classes from College of the Canyons

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James Glapa-Grossklag shares College of the Canyon’s collaboratively developed guidance that addresses FERPA in live online courses.

Guidance for Recording Class Sessions with TechConnect (Confer) Zoom

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Michelle Pacansky-Brock traces some of the issues pertaining to FERPA and use of student video cameras in Zoom.

Creating Microlectures: A New PocketPD Guide for you!

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A simple, step-by-step guide to get you started with transitioning from live sessions to microlectures, the backbone of asynchronous online courses.