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Ideas for Activities that will Bring the Fun to your Viewing Room

Raffle a Free @ONE Course

As a thank for your hard work, @ONE has provided group viewing room coordinators with a code for a complimentary 4-week @ONE professional development course. The code will be provided via email and also shared at the Orientation sessions.

Activity Guide

The Activity Guide includes prompts for each session that will engage your attendees. Provide this resource in print or digital form for your viewing room attendees. Pair it with crayons or colored pencils for added fun!

  • Activity Guide (.DOCX)
    Download this editable guide and customize it for your own viewing room program (simply delete the pages that contain prompts for sessions you do not plan to show).
  • Activity Guide (.PDF)  
  • Activity Guide (Google Docs)
    To make a copy of the Activity Guide in a Google Doc, follow these steps:

    1. Select the Activity Guide Google Doc.
    2. Sign in to your Google Account.
    3. Select the "Make a copy" button.
    4. Your copy of the Activity Guide will open. You may edit this doc and download it into your preferred file format (select File/ Download).
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