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Become a Certified POCR Campus!

Identified OEI Pilot sections that have been through Peer Online Course Review are performing at +4.9 percentage points above the statewide average for online success.

Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges
“The Online Education Initiative:
Access and Quality of Online Education in
California’s Community Colleges” – 2017

We here at CVC-OEI are so excited about the benefits of Peer Online Course Review (POCR) and the fantastic feedback we receive from faculty that we have developed resources to help your college design, develop, and deploy its own campus-based POCR program. In addition to improving online student success rates, having a local POCR program on your campus will:

  • Serve as an exciting and engaging professional development experience for new and experienced online faculty.
  • Lead to more engaging and satisfactory online experiences for both teachers and students.
  • Create a community of practice in which teachers share their challenges, develop new approaches, and support one another.
  • Result in more aligned "Quality Reviewed" courses from your college in the CVC Exchange.
  • Improve the quality of all courses taught by faculty participants. Past participants have shared that the course design principles learned in POCR positively impact other online and on-campus courses they teach!
As a Consortium College or Improving Online CTE Pathways Grant College, you can apply to become a “Certified POCR Campus” so that your campus-based POCR program is recognized by CVC-OEI and your locally reviewed and aligned courses are eligible for a Quality Reviewed badge in Finish Faster Online and the ExCEL cross-enrollment platform!


  1. Establish Your Local POCR Process

We like to call it a POCR Club, but that’s just us! For tips on planning and building a review process on your campus, visit the College Resources for Peer Online Course Review site.


  1. Complete Required Training

Anyone conducting peer reviews for a college must satisfactorily complete the @ONE POCR course. This is a four-week, facilitated online course that will teach members of your POCR team how to:

  • use the OEI Online Course Design Rubric as the foundation for a review of an online course;
  • identify elements of an online course that demonstrate rubric criteria;
  • suggest resources, activities, tools, or strategies that would help courses meet criterion within the rubric;
  • write a collegial, supportive review of an online course.

And be sure to check out the self-paced courses that will help your college develop and run an effective Peer Online Course Review program.


  1. Begin Reviewing & Aligning Courses

Every campus is free to set up a process that fits the campus culture and the needs of the faculty. However, there are a few requirements that every college should follow if the ultimate goal is to have courses officially recognized by CVC-OEI as “Quality Reviewed” in Finish Faster Online and in the ExCEL cross-enrollment platform.


  1. Apply to be a POCR Certified Campus

Once your program is established with successfully reviewed and aligned courses, you can apply to have it recognized by the CVC-OEI. Along with an application, your college will submit three courses that have been locally reviewed and aligned in all elements of the rubric (A-D). A CVC-OEI Lead Reviewer and Accessibility Specialist will verify the accuracy of your reviews and the alignment of your courses. If adjustments are needed, we will work with you so that we can “norm” your local process with that established by the CVC-OEI.


The application asks you to:

  1. Describe your current local online course review process and include any relevant documentation or URLs.

  2. Describe how faculty are supported in their course design and how alignment with the CVC-OEI Course Design rubric, including Section D (accessibility), is verified.

  3. Include a copy of or link to any local Academic Senate resolutions about the adoption of POCR and/or the CVC-OEI rubric.

  4. Provide a list of all of your local POCR reviewers (completion of the @ONE POCR course is required before serving as a reviewer).

  5. Provide CVC-OEI access to three courses that have been reviewed and aligned with the CVC-OEI Course Design rubric through your local process.


  1. Celebrate your status as a POCR Certified Campus!

Once you have completed the application and norming process, you may send your locally reviewed and aligned courses to CVC-OEI for an external Lead Review to verify alignment (as required by ASCCC) and badging in FFO and ExCEL. POCR Certified Campuses will also have access, as needed, to accessibility support for help with elements D8-D16 of the rubric, all of which adds up to more of your college’s courses rising to the top of the search at!