Are you new to online teaching and don’t know where to start? Our 5-Day challenges are a fun and interactive way to start your journey. Each challenge focuses on a specific aspect of course design and can be completed in only 20 minutes per day! You choose your start date, and have the option of following the five-day recommended sequence – or forging your own path to the summit!

A clock icon. Text reads: Only 20 minutes per day.
Challenge 1

Challenge One: Getting Started in Canvas

Are you new to Canvas and in need of a starting point to begin building an online course? This 5-Day
Challenge is an excellent option that will guide you through a “hands-on” process of building a
framework in Canvas, and take your first steps toward course design mastery!

Challenge 2

Challenge Two: Creating Accessible Canvas Content

Why talk about accessibility you ask? It’s not just the law, it is an essential part of universal design which supports removing barriers for all students during the learning process. Learn how to design accessible course content starting with the first page you create in Canvas! This 5-Day Challenge will guide you through a few quick steps to produce accessible content using heading styles, properly formatted lists, descriptive links, color contrast, alt text for images and accurately captioned videos.