@ONE Pocket PD

What is Pocket PD?

We know you’re busy and we know not everyone has the time to take a course to learn to improve your online course. We also know our system is filled with educators that have amazing ideas. That’s why we developed Pocket PD.

In our Pocket PD section, you will find access to public, free resources that are all shared with a CC-BY license. These resources provide you with just-in-time professional development to keep you learning and growing, even if you just have a few minutes. Go ahead and dig in. We know you’re going to love it!

5-day Challenges

These self-paced online courses put you on track to improve specific competencies needed to teach online. Spend just 20-minutes a day on each one and you’ll be done in five days. Or dig in and finish today! The choice is yours.


Authored by members of the @ONE PD team and educators across the California Community College system, our articles offer glimpses inside the minds and courses of your peers.

Byte-sized Canvas

The popular video series by our very own Helen Graves that provides quick tips about teaching with Canvas.


Each guide is a curated collection of just-in-time resources in support of popular topic. Many guides are offered in Google Slides format, providing you with a simply way to make your own copy and adapt it to your needs.


Curated course tour videos and articles aligned with sections of the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric.


See what your peers are sharing on Twitter about online teaching and learning – and join in on the conversation.

Professional Development Bundles

Free or low-cost hand-picked resources that focus on specific aspects of online teaching.