What can the Course Design Academy do for me?


As you align your course with each section of the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric, you will earn a badge for that section - A, B, C, and D. Once all four badges are earned, you will receive a CVC-OEI Aligned Course Badge and Course Design Academy Certificate.

The badge can be displayed in Canvas and on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, indicating to students, deans, and others that your course:

  • is aligned with the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric and eligible to be offered through the CVC Exchange.
  • has met the CCC’s highest level of design standards of quality and accessibility to support online student success!

Student Success

Course design is the foundation of an effective online course. The design of your course communicates to your students what you expect them to know or do, how they will do it, and how they will demonstrate their mastery to you. Effective course design ensures your students’ learning experience is transparent, eliminating the confusion and guesswork that can hinder student learning.


National and statewide research on online teaching effectiveness notes that the most effective online courses are built through collaboration between content experts, instructional designers, and support teams. The Academy offers you built in opportunities to collaborate with other subject matter experts, instructional designers, and our support staff, plus, we’ll help you connect and collaborate with other support throughout the state.

Enhanced Focus on Teaching

While we may have excellent credentials in our subject, we may not have received preparation for teaching, much less teaching with technology. Participation in the Course Design Academy gives you an opportunity to focus on teaching, and provides a space for you to hone your material, activities, assessments, and feedback to students to enrich the teaching and learning experience in your course.


Register for an upcoming online information meeting. You can also join our Course Design Academy Online Community and post to our Q&A, or Contact Us.