CVC-OEI Humanizing Challenge

August 13, 2020 • #HumanizeOL

Live Session

11:00 – 12:00 Humanizing Pre-Course Contact with a Liquid Syllabus*

with Michelle Pacansky-Brock

The weeks and days leading up to the start of a new term are filled with anxiety and nerves for many students. This term, your students will have even more questions about what to expect and how to get started. An equity-minded strategy to improve these barriers is to transform your syllabus into a Liquid Syllabus! A Liquid Syllabus is a mobile-friendly, public website with a friendly welcome video that is written with welcoming, validating language. While you may create a Liquid Syllabus using any website tool of your choice, this session will prepare you to create your own Liquid Syllabus with Google Sites!

Self-Guided Activity

Create a Liquid Syllabus with Google Sites

  • To complete this activity you will need a free Google account.
  • By August 13th, we will provide access to step-by-step instructions to support you with creating your Liquid Syllabus.
  • When you’ve completed a decent draft of your Liquid Syllabus, we invite you to share it with your Humanizing Challenge peers on our digital bulletin board.

* CVC-OEI/@ONE will send an email verifying your attendance for each one-hour live session. California community college faculty and staff may use this email verification for flex credit, pending local college approval. Check with your local flex coordinator for more information. Self-guided activities are not eligible for verification by CVC-OEI/@ONE.