CVC-OEI Humanizing Challenge


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Portrait of Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Michelle Pacansky-Brock, @brocansky

Michelle’s work has helped faculty across the nation understand how to craft relevant, humanized online learning experiences that support the needs of diverse students. In her current role as Faculty Mentor for the California Community Colleges CVC-OEI/@ONE, she coordinates professional development in support of quality, inclusive online teaching and learning and is leading an intersegmental grant that examines the impact of humanized online teaching on racially and ethnically minoritized students in undergraduate online STEM courses in California. Michelle lives near Sacramento with her husband, two children, and two miniature weiner dogs.

Portrait of Fabiola Torres

Fabiola Torres, @iLearnNow

Fabiola is an ethnic studies faculty at Glendale Community College and facilitates the @ONE courses, Equity and Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Online Environment and Humanizing Online Teaching and Learning. Fabiola found her purpose in education at Los Angeles Valley College from 1990-1994 (ok… It took me 4 years to transfer). She academically flourished with her fellow first-generation, college student activists. Currently, she attends Zoom parties with her LAVC, life-long friends.

Portrait of Dayamudra Dennehy

Dayamudra Dennehy

Dayamudra is an ESL tenure track faculty member at City College of San Francisco, where she works with language learners at all levels of English language proficiency in Credit, Non-Credit, and Vocational classes, now completely remotely and online. Dayamudra has led grassroots educational projects with a Mayan weaving cooperative in Guatemala and a Roma/Gypsy community program in Hungary, taught at a language school in Indonesia, and has been leading her own non-profit organization, Jai Bhim International since 2008, collaborating with an India-based team on an alternative leadership academy, serving caste-oppressed Dalit and Adivasi students in Kerala who have dropped out of high school. Daya is currently enrolled in the Educational Leadership/ Equity and Social Justice doctorate program at San Francisco State University, to be completed 2021.

Portrait of Gayathri Manikandan

Gayathri Manikandan

Gayathri (“Thri”) is an assistant Math professor at Compton College and a Math Instructional Specialist at Compton College Student Success Center (SSC). She has a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). She has completed a certificate in Online Teaching Principles and Online Teaching & Design through @ONE. Because of her love for numbers, Mathematics was ingrained in her since she was very young. She followed her passion by choosing a career in teaching Math. She is excited to embark on the journey of online teaching, as well as assisting students through an interactive and personalized way. Facilitating Canvas trainings and helping other instructors become better at using Canvas brings her joy.