Want to learn Canvas in a fast and fun way? Join us for our Canvas Summer Camp where we’ll help you learn the ropes in just two days! Both half-day sessions will include hands-on activities to practice what you’re learning, right in your own Canvas “sandbox” using your own content! You’ll master the same Canvas basics and earn the same digital badge as with the OEI’s traditional 4-week “Intro to Canvas” course. So if you prefer to learn at a brisk pace, our summer camp is just right for you! 

In Canvas Summer Camp, you will learn how to:

  • Customize your Canvas profile and notification preferences to fit your needs.
  • Create and archive announcements to keep your students engaged and updated.
  • Develop modules to organize your content most effectively.
  • Design a welcoming, impactful home page.
  • Set up a discussion, quiz, and/or assignment exactly the way you want.
  • Use a variety of communication tools to streamline contact with students.
  • Use the SpeedGrader tool to make grading fast and easy!

Who should attend

This is a fast-paced, hands-on professional development workshop designed for those who need to learn Canvas basics. Throughout each of the two days, you will attend 20-minute, laser-focused instructional sessions that will be followed by independent work time to allow you to apply what you learned in your Canvas course.

Canvas Summer Camp is available for free to all California Community College faculty and staff and perfect for faculty who have not yet taught an asynchronous online course or are unfamiliar with Canvas. However, you will need basic computer skills and web proficiency to be successful.

What you will earn

  • A CVC-OEI/@ONE verified Introduction to Teaching with Canvas digital badge
  • Verification of attendance for up to 8 hours of flex credit (pending your college’s approval)

Dates & Registration

We invite you to register for any ONE of our four Canvas Summer Camps:
(Each workshop is stand-alone. Please do not enroll in more than one session.)

  1. July 9-10 9am-1pm each day  Register for Camp 1 -WAITLISTED
  2. July 14-15 1-5pm each day  Register for Camp 2 -WAITLISTED
  3. July 22-23 1-5pm each day  Register for Camp 3 -WAITLISTED
  4. July 30-31 9am-1pm each day Register for Camp 4 -WAITLISTED

Tip: Please double-check the spelling of your email address when you register so your registration is complete and you receive our follow-up confirmation.