Course Design Showcase

Do you need some inspiration with a particular section of the rubric? Peruse Course Design Showcase to get instant access to creative course design practices and strategies shared by online faculty, archives of webinars, and other resources.  You'll see the cascading array of approaches there are to designing a quality online course.

Course Design Resources

Looking for ideas to use in your online course? Are you trying to align your course to the OEI Course Design Rubric? While the OEI Course Design Rubric provides clear, concise guidelines for the design of your online course, there are infinite possibilities for how to apply those guidelines based upon your students, subject matter, and teaching style! The Course Design Resources provide detailed insight into most design elements from the Rubric, with suggestions and examples for how it can be put into practice.

Course Design Training

@One offers of variety of courses on how to design an exemplary learning experience for your students in Canvas using the OEI Course Design Rubric. You can choose from 12-week, 4-week, and/or 1-week courses that cover content presentation, interaction, assessment,  and accessibility. Sign up for one of our courses or complete a pathway to earn your certificate in Course Design Fundamentals!

3C Media Solutions

3C Media Solutions, part of the CCC Chancellor's Office TTIP South grant, provides a secure location to host your instructional videos. And if your college is part of the Distance Education Captioning & Transcript (DECT) grant, your videos will be captioned for you!

CCC Confer

CCC Confer, part of the Chancellor's Office TTIP South grant, provides all CCC faculty and staff with a free, upgraded account for live, video conferencing. ConferZoom is a great tool for interacting live with students, as well as a resource for students to engage with each other for group project work.

Professional Learning Network

The PLN, an IEPI resource, is a virtual professional development resource center for CCCs and their employees to access effective practices, trainings, and other resources.  Create a PLN account and you will have access to video courses, including Learning Canvas.