2019 Can•Innovate Recap

On October 25, 2019, CVC-OEI/@ONE hosted the third annual Can•Innovate conference, to support the effective design and teaching of online courses through the use of Canvas. The first conference, in […]

Digital Learning Day 2020 Update

The CVC-OEI will not be coordinating a centralized CCC Digital Learning Day program in February 2020. Here are some ways you can stay involved…

Byte Sized Canvas -I did NOT know that, redux

I Did NOT Know That! (Redux)

So much Canvas, so little time! Today’s Byte-sized episode spotlights four nifty little Canvas tricks you may not have been aware of. We’ll look at a specific benefit of module […]

Abstract art Midnight Blue" by Sarge Devil CC BY-ND

You Don’t Know You Can’t

I am a big fan of stories about people who have accomplished extraordinary feats. The majority of books, articles, and films that top my list are about their lives. Their […]

4 Ways to Make Sure Students Are Watching Your Videos

4 Ways to Make Sure Students Are Watching Your Videos

Was your college education largely spent sitting in lecture halls and classrooms listening to professors talk (…and talk…and talk)? Even if that works in face-to-face situations—and research is showing otherwise—it’s […]