2019 Can•Innovate Recap

On October 25, 2019, CVC-OEI/@ONE hosted the third annual Can•Innovate conference, to support the effective design and teaching of online courses through the use of Canvas. The first conference, in […]

Digital Learning Day 2020 Update

The CVC-OEI will not be coordinating a centralized CCC Digital Learning Day program in February 2020. Here are some ways you can stay involved…

Byte Sized Canvas -I did NOT know that, redux

I Did NOT Know That! (Redux)

So much Canvas, so little time! Today’s Byte-sized episode spotlights four nifty little Canvas tricks you may not have been aware of. We’ll look at a specific benefit of module […]

Abstract art Midnight Blue" by Sarge Devil CC BY-ND

You Don’t Know You Can’t

I am a big fan of stories about people who have accomplished extraordinary feats. The majority of books, articles, and films that top my list are about their lives. Their […]