Everyday, more than 60,000 faculty, 20,000 classified employees, and 2,000 administrators work hard to serve our California Community College students.  As a CCC employee, you are part of an immense community of peers who share your common interests and challenges. Despite this, you may find yourself feeling alone and unsure about how to connect with your peers. @ONE's Community programs can help!

In a digital, networked era, time and place are not barriers. @ONE is here to help you bridge the distance, find your peers, and grow together.  The collective wisdom of CCC faculty, staff, and administrators hold the power to solve wicked problems and turn sticking points into meaningful dialogue.

@ONE's Community programs are fueled by the your needs, interests, and ideas. They are designed to be light-weight and agile with a focus on connecting educators across the state through networked learning. Human relationships are at the core of our Communities, but technology enables them to flourish. By participating in our Community programs, you will hone your digital literacy skills, become a connected educator, and be poised to understand the skills our students need to succeed in the digital era.

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Reflective Writing Club

Digital Learning Day