Dear Instructor, You Will Love This Tool!

When broaching the argument that online courses aren’t as effective as in-person, people often bring up the absence of face to face contact. But video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts have made that hurdle disappear. And the Canvas Scheduler tool makes scheduling “live” online appointments ultra-simple. Yet another way to easily increase your instructor presence and build community in your online course!

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Passionate about teaching and learning, Helen enjoys showing instructors how to apply best pedagogical practices in Canvas to create dynamic courses that keep their students engaged.


  1. Hello Helen, are these videos utilized for faculty professional development units? I am not sure, if the only requirement is watching or doing something else…? Your Byte Sized Canvas online sessions were described in our college faculty newsletter as “Professional Development On Demand”. Is this true? Please let me know, Thanks! Joy

  2. Hi, Joy,

    Thanks for your question. There is a variety of types of professional development, some of which may qualify for official units or flex credits (depending on your school’s criteria) and some of which are more along the lines of informal resources to further your knowledge in some way.

    Because, as you pointed out, there’s no formal assessment or way to verify participation associated with the Byte-sized Canvas episodes, they fall into the latter category. But hopefully you’ll find at least some of them useful. =-)


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