I Did NOT Know That! (Redux)

So much Canvas, so little time! Today’s Byte-sized episode spotlights four nifty little Canvas tricks you may not have been aware of. We’ll look at a specific benefit of module requirements, restricting file types for assignments, the quiz auto-save feature, and customizing your dashboard.


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Passionate about teaching and learning, Helen enjoys showing instructors how to apply best pedagogical practices in Canvas to create dynamic courses that keep their students engaged.


  1. Thanks, Helen! I recently found your videos and I really appreciate them.
    I love the idea of having the green checkmarks! The downside is my modules have soo many items in them! Do I really have to set up an individual requirement for each thing in order to get the checkmarks? That sounds like a lot of work right now for some small possible benefit. I wish I could auto-add a requirement for each thing in the module. I don’t want to have to spend an hour setting it all up and remembering to add a new one each time I change things.

  2. Hi, Malena,
    The module requirements feature wasn’t developed as a tracking tool (the little green check is just a happy coincidence) so it’s not really set up with that in mind. Unfortunately, as you have discovered, there’s no shortcut to creating the requirements.

    You mention that your modules have lots of items, One design consideration that would address both the potential for cognitive overload and simplify the set up of module requirements might be to look at consolidating module items where possible. For example, ensuring that assignment instructions are directly in the assignment, rather than on a separate page. Or using page headings or tabs to separate out shorter compatible “lecture” material instead of using a new page for each mini-topic. Another alternative is to just add requirements for the assignments/discussions/quizzes. Students wouldn’t get the green check on all module elements but they could track their progress on the graded assignments.

    Not sure if those ideas are relevant for you, Malena, but they might also be helpful for anyone who’s considering adding requirements and looking to streamline the process.

    It does take a bit of “up front” time to set up, but many students appreciate the time management support it offers. So there’s likely a bigger payoff than you may realize.

  3. Helen,

    I love your style of instructions. It is simple concise and clear to understand.
    My only problem is it is too tiny to see. With my magnifying glass ; it is still not easy to read.
    But otherwise I like it..

  4. Hi, Grace,
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Byte-sized episodes. When you say “it’s too tiny,” do you mean the size of the video? You can always enlarge the viewing window of any video by selecting the “view full screen” icon in the bottom right corner of the media controls. Hope that helps!


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