Why Group Assignments Are Worth Your Attention

The newly-released updates to Title 5 regulations for online learning include a specific requirement of regular effective contact among students.

It’s time to move beyond discussions and embrace the wealth of benefits collaborative learning experiences provide to students (and instructors). C’mon, I dare ya!


A nice series from Carnegie Mellon University

Other helpful ideas and guidelines

10 Research-Based Steps for Effective Group Work

Online Students Don’t Have to Work Solo

How to Design Effective Online Group Work Activities

I’ve developed a “plug ‘n’ play” module on using groups that you can include as a resource for your students. It also has a list of all the Canvas Guides for instructors on using groups. Do a search in the Canvas Commons for Group Project resources (the course card is a pile of Labrador puppies).

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Passionate about teaching and learning, Helen enjoys showing instructors how to apply best pedagogical practices in Canvas to create dynamic courses that keep their students engaged.

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