What No One Tells You About Canvas Notifications

Canvas notifications is an automatic way to stay abreast of activity in your courses as well as contributing to regular effective contact with your students. But there are a few in’s and out’s to using the notifications tool well that you and your students might be missing. Let me elucidate you!

UPDATE: Since I first created this episode, Canvas has added the ability to set course-specific notifications. Good on ya, Canvas!

Two helpful Canvas Guides to share with your students:

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Passionate about teaching and learning, Helen enjoys showing instructors how to apply best pedagogical practices in Canvas to create dynamic courses that keep their students engaged.


  1. Thank you. That’s some really valuable information about preferences. Especially, the descrepancy about the app and the browser based Canvas is useful to know. I

    • Yes, thanks, Michelle. Canvas is always evolving which is great for instructors but it means things like my Byte-sized Canvas tutorials become old hat!

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