Nudging Students with Your Human Touch

In this @ONE webinar archive, Fabiola Torres, Ethnic Studies Instructor at Glendale Community College, asks, “We all need a nudge sometimes, right?” Nudges are an important part of supporting the success of our online students. And when you use video to infuse your nudges with your human presence, students are more likely to trust you and less likely to drop your class. Fabiola will demonstrate why it’s important not be perfect, but to be human!


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Michelle (@brocansky) is Faculty Mentor, Online Teaching & Learning for @ONE and CVC-OEI and author of Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies. Michelle began teaching in the CCC system in 1999, has been teaching online since 2003, and has been an online educational developer since 2009. She also teaches the History of Photography online for Mt. San Jacinto College. Learn more about Michelle at or connect with her on Twitter @brocansky.


  1. Hello Faviola, my name is Maria Berumen and I am an adjunct faculty at Cuyamaca College. Congratulations for helping us instructors learn on how to “Humanize an Online Course”.
    I watched your video on “Humanize and Online Course” and also attended your workshop presentation on humanizing at Cuyamaca College on October 2019. Listening to your family hardships, I identify with you because we are a big familia también. I am the oldest of thirteen brothers and sisters. Also, I am the first generation to get a Master’s degree.
    When I watched your welcoming video, I agree with you that we need to open up to our students so that they can see us as human beings. Your introduction in the video makes me feel relaxed and less stressed about taking an online course because you are so full of energy, confident that you transmit that energy with your facial expressions, smiles, tone of voice and body language. I considered myself full of energy too and I hope that I will have the opportunity to teach an online course with the same vivid and vibrant energy that I have teaching face-to-face class. After watching your video, it I feel that I now have the courage that I can do it too and help students who desire to take an online course and most of all make them feel important in the class.
    ¡Congratulations and you’re the best!

    • ¡Q-vo amiga! Gracias. I’m moved by your comment. I’m so happy you enjoyed the webinar and the workshop. Cuyamaca is doing great work in welcoming resources to enable student success. I am here for you and Cuyamaca. Cuando quieras… contact me.

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