Nudging Students with Your Human Touch

In this @ONE webinar archive, Fabiola Torres, Ethnic Studies Instructor at Glendale Community College, asks, “We all need a nudge sometimes, right?” Nudges are an important part of supporting the success of our online students. And when you use video to infuse your nudges with your human presence, students are more likely to trust you and less likely to drop your class. Fabiola will demonstrate why it’s important not be perfect, but to be human!


Posted in equity, humanizing, Rubric Section B, webinar.

Michelle (@brocansky) is Faculty Mentor, Digital Innovation for @ONE and the OEI and author of Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies. Michelle's work ensures CCC faculty and staff have opportunities to engage and develop through networked learning and the use of emerging technologies. Learn more about Michelle at

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